Abert Rim ACEC (15590666649)


Abert Rim ACEC (15590666649)



Abert Rim ACEC
Lake Abert is Oregon's only saltwater lake is a desolate place that is a popular stopover for migratory waterfowl. It's located near Valley Falls in south central Oregon. The Chewaucan River flows into Abert Lake, but no water flows out, so minerals concentrate in the lake. The water is very salty and alkaline but supports a population of brine shrimp. It is also the work site of a man who earns his living catching and selling brine shrimp.
Abert Rim is one of the highest fault scarps in the United States. It rises 2500 ft above the valley floor, finishing with an 800 ft sheer-sided basalt cap. It was formed during the Miocene epoch. At that time basaltic flood lavas covered much of eastern Oregon. In subsequent faulting, great blocks were tilted and Abert Rim is at the western end of one of these blocks, while Lake Abert lies on top of another. Stretching more than 30 miles from Lakeview north to Alkali Lake, Abert Rim is also the longest exposed fault scarp in North America.






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