Jean Jacques Flipart - Baquoy-Oudry-La Fontaine-Le renard et la cigogne


Jean Jacques Flipart - Baquoy-Oudry-La Fontaine-Le renard et la cigogne



Gravure réalisée par jean-Jacques Flipart d'après un dessin de Jean-Baptiste Oudry représentant la fable Le renard et la cigogne de Jean de La Fontaine (fable 18 du livre I).

Cette gravure est parue dans l'édition complète des fables de La Fontaine, parue en quatre tomes chez l'éditeur Desaint & Saillant, rue saint Jean de Beauvais à Paris, 1755-1759.

Jean Jacques Flipart was a highly skilled French engraver who specialised in creating intricate and detailed prints of historical and mythological scenes. Born in Paris in 1719, Flipart showed an early talent for art and began training as an engraver at an early age. Over the course of his career, Flipart created a wide range of engravings, including portraits of famous figures such as Louis XV and Voltaire, as well as scenes from classical mythology and history. He was renowned for his meticulous attention to detail and his ability to capture the nuances of expression and emotion in his subjects. Flipart's work was highly sought after during his lifetime, and he received numerous commissions from wealthy patrons and collectors. His engravings were widely distributed throughout Europe and many were used to illustrate books and other publications. Despite his success, Flipart faced considerable challenges in his personal life. He struggled financially for much of his career and was forced to declare bankruptcy on several occasions. He also suffered from poor health in his later years and died in Paris in 1782 at the age of 63. Today, Flipart's engravings are highly prized by collectors and art lovers around the world. Admired for their technical skill, beauty and historical significance, they continue to inspire new generations of artists and art lovers.





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