Examples of household taste (1875) (14595646170)


Examples of household taste (1875) (14595646170)



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Title: Examples of household taste
Year: 1875 (1870s)
Authors: Smith, Walter, 1836-1886 Smith, Walter, 1836-1886. Industrial art of the International Exhibition
Subjects: Centennial Exhibition (1876 : Philadelphia, Pa.) Decorative arts
Publisher: New York, R. Worthington
Contributing Library: Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute Library

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The severe plainness instyle for furniture that hasquite superseded the pat-terns of twenty-five yearsago is illustrated in theBuffet exhibited by Col-linson & Locke, of Lon-don, in their department atthe Centennial. It is afterthe manner made familiarto us in this country byMr. Eastlake in his bookon Household Art. Thebenefit of that volume tothe people both here andin England has been quiteincalculable. It woke every-body up to the evils ofglue and veneer and mere-tricious ornament and dis-honest workmanship. Itcalled for good, honestjoinery in wood-work, andprotested against shams.It showed, too, how muchmore harmonious and howmuch more truly artistic aroom would appear fur-nished in the manner headvocated than with the in-congruous assortment offragile bow-legged mon-strosities to which the public had become accustomed. It is possible that theenthusiasm of Mr. Eastlake led him too far in his crusade, but in the main his
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f%i Lace Store : French Court.





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examples of household taste 1875
examples of household taste 1875