I.K. Inha, Helsinki d2005_132_640


I.K. Inha, Helsinki d2005_132_640



Tallberg Building on Aleksanterinkatu. / Tallbergin talo Alkesanterinkadulla..I.K. Inha.1908.Helsinki.Glass negative / lasinegatiivi.Accession Number / diaarinumero: d_2005_132_640.The Finnish Museum of Photography / Suomen valokuvataiteen museo.Contact / Ota yhteyttä: fmp@fmp.fi

I.K. Inha (1865–1930) photographed the city of Helsinki during summer 1908 on a commission from the publisher Werner Söderström Osakeyhtiö Ltd (WSOY). The company was planning on publishing first Finnish guidebook presenting the fast growing, blooming capital city. The guidebook, published in 1910, was edited by members of The Nation of Southern Finland. Inha’s Helsinki series includes ca. 190 photographs: only one third was used in the original guidebook. Majority of the images were later published in the book Kukkonen, Jukka, Toiviainen, Riitta & Westö, Kjell (ed.): Helsinki valon kaupunki – Helsingfors med I.K. Inhas ögon. Suomen valokuvataiteen museon julkaisuja 27 / WSOY 2009. During early summer mornings and quiet evenings, Inha photographed Helsinki’s historical center, handsome new architecture, sea sides and parks. People and street life are not in the spotlight. The original glass negatives were donated to The Finnish Museum of Photography by the publisher of the original 1910 guidebook, WSOY. The negatives were digitized by Virve Laustela and digitally edited by Timo Lagerström.





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