Outing (1885) (14782589145) - Public domain book illustration


Outing (1885) (14782589145) - Public domain book illustration



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Title: Outing
Year: 1885 (1880s)
Subjects: Leisure Sports Travel
Publisher: (New York : Outing Pub. Co.)
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eycould appeal and nothing to bind themtogether. Then the leaders came out ofthe crowd and the law grew as it wasneeded. It was only after a time that anyof these men came to consider remainingpermanently in the country, and it wasthese venturesome builders who developedthe newer part of our nation. From the nature of things—with somuch at stake among such hard livingmen—there were plenty of fights and dis-putes. There being no authority to whichto appeal differences were settled betweenman and man. A six-shooter was thegreatest help a man could get toward aphysical superiority over other men andso everybody carried a gun and knewhow to use it. The trigger finger grewnimble with practice and there developeda condition where frequent killings andshootings occasioned little comment orcriticism; where men were almost indif-ferent to the spilling of blood and lookeddeath square in the face with a non-chalance that is hardly conceivable now.Shooting affrays were the froth of a very 573
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The cost of an arrest by the sheriff.





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