Punch (1841) (14771214091) - Public domain book illustration


Punch (1841) (14771214091) - Public domain book illustration



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Title: Punch
Year: 1841 (1840s)
Authors: Lemon, Mark, 1809-1870 Mayhew, Henry, 1812-1887 Taylor, Tom, 1817-1880 Brooks, Shirley, 1816-1874 Burnand, F. C. (Francis Cowley), 1836-1917 Seaman, Owen, 1861-1936
Subjects: English wit and humor English wit and humor, Pictorial
Publisher: (London) : (Punch Publications Ltd., etc.)
Contributing Library: Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection
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The Lady Honoria as she appeared when the Engagement was over ! Surely such an inventionmight be adopted on shore,with modifications. Couldnot one of the Clubs be fittedup with a similar invention,with extra screws for black-balling objectionable candi-dates, backing the bills andkicking the cook ? Mr. Punchhopes to see so remarkable aspecimen of human ingenuityturned to some better accountthan the making a pircel ofIndian passengers comfort-able. Pleased all Round. M. de Saint Montalem-bert complained that Mr.Gladstone spoke of the Popeas a Sanguinary Mendicant.Mr. Gladstone (who hadbeen indignantly alluding tothe Perugian massacre) repliesthat he did not say Sanguinary,and that when he said Mendi-cant, he only meant that thePope was begging for money.M. de Saint M. declareshimself satisfied. So is M.de Saint Punch. A Quakers Sentiment, AND A VERY PROPER ONE too.— May the next newsacross the Atlantic savourstill more of the Pacific! PUNCH, OR THE LONDON CHARIVARI—Mat 25, 1861.
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THE LION OF THE SEASON. Alarmed Flunkey. MR. G-G-G-O-O-O-RILLA.! Mat 25, 1861.) PUNCH, OR THE LONDON CHARIVARI. 215 OUR ROVING CORRESPONDENT; My dear Punch, One of the advantages pertaining to the erratic characterof this correspondence is the licence which enables me to change mysubject as befits the hour. Theoretically, too, I may be said to enjoya certain amount of ubiquity, and you need never be surprised when Ihail at short intervals, from widely remote quarters. What if I datemy letters one week from the summit of St. Bernard and the next fromthe interior of the Thames Tunnel? Even the sticklers for theUnities of the Drama must relax their dogmas in favour of steamand telegrams. So, if on my journey to the Eternal City, I turn backto look in at Trafalgar Square, you will be prepared for the retro-gression. True the fountain of Trevi is a more picturesque objectthan the clumsy syringes behind the Nelson Column, and it is some-what a shock to look at poor Havelocks statue after ga





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