Rhymes and jingles (1903) (14586334280)


Rhymes and jingles (1903) (14586334280)



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Title: Rhymes and jingles
Year: 1903 (1900s)
Authors: Dodge, Mary Mapes, 1830-1905
Publisher: New York, Scribner
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
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If ever I needed good nursing tis now,And your masculine paw, sir, it scratches my brow. 1 need some one gentle — more gentle than air — 0 father! I fear 1 am injured in here. And our frog pressed his heart in the deepest despair v. Now, bear up, my son, cried the sorrowing Gluck. See ! the doctor is coming. He 11 bring us good luck.By my croak! but its Paff, the conceited old buck,* THE FROG. lis? Then, quick to the doctor, My child ! Is he killed ?Oh! save me my son From the phaeton spilled.Haste! give me the lotion ! I 11 pour it on here. No, no, moaned the patient, I cant have him near,His rubbing is torture. I d rather be hung.Dear doctor, hes rough —Hes nursed me enoug^h —Oh! send Httle Eng for that oldest Miss Gun^.
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188 RHYMES AND JINGLES. VI. Then outspake the uncle, with wrath in his face,And a grunt of denial that filled all the place,* No, no. Master Gluck, /// attend to your case, Humph ! nursing indeed !You ve called me too late. In less than an hour, sir,We 11 lay you out straight.No Miss Gung shall you have. Her fathers my friend.If youd done as you ought— Never mind. I intendTo have all my sons, cousin Gluck, marry early. Had my patient seen fit To wed, Ill admitHe might have been saved, said this doctor so surly. VII. And then, while our hero lay moaning with pain,And his father kept rubbing and fussing in vain,The doctor continued, in furious strain,This accident — humph! Cousin Gluck, on my word.With a family team, sir,Would not have occurred.This thinking and plotting for self all the while.And frisking about, sir, in bachelor style,With no one to nurse you when hurt, sir, dont pay.Good doctor, moaned froggy,It isnt too late.Even now shed consentTo soften my fate.Oh Eng! dear, ru





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