Tableau 31 Indians hunting the bison by Karl Bodmer (cropped)


Tableau 31 Indians hunting the bison by Karl Bodmer (cropped)



Deutsch: Karl Bodmer: Indianische Bisonjagd. Tableau 31. In: Maximilian zu Wied-Neuwied: Reise in das innere Nord-America in den Jahren 1832 bis 1834, 2 Textbände und 1 Bildatlas mit Illustrationen von Karl Bodmer, J. Hölscher, Koblenz 1839–1841.
English: Karl Bodmer: Indians hunting the bison. Tableau 31. In: Maximilian zu Wied-Neuwied: Maximilian Prince of Wied’s Travels in the Interior of North America, during the years 1832–1834; Translation H. Evans Lloyd; Achermann & Comp., London 1843–1844.
Français : Karl Bodmer: Indiens chassant le bison. Tableau 31. En: Maximilian zu Wied-Neuwied: Voyage dans l’interieur de L’Amérique du Nord exécuté pendant les années 1832, 1833 et 1834. Arthus Bertrand, Paris 1840–1843.
References: Brandon K. Ruud (Hrsg.): Karl Bodmer’s North American Prints. Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha Ne 2004, pp 183-186. ISBN 0803213263

Karl Bodmer (1809–1893) was a Swiss-French printmaker, etcher, lithographer, zinc engraver, draughtsman, painter, illustrator, and hunter. Known as Karl Bodmer in literature and paintings, as a Swiss and French citizen, his name was recorded as Johann Karl Bodmer and Jean-Charles Bodmer, respectively. After 1843, likely as a result of the birth of his son Charles-Henry Barbizon, he began to sign his works K Bodmer.





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