United forging presses; (1918) (14591659860)


United forging presses; (1918) (14591659860)



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Title: United forging presses;
Year: 1918 (1910s)
Authors: United Engineering and Foundry Company. (from old catalog)
Subjects: Forging machinery. (from old catalog)
Publisher: Pittsburgh, Pa
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
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698 PIPING 699 CHECK VALVE 337 COVER 338 COVER 336 VALVE BODY- 266 DRAIN COCK- Operating Gear for 300 ton single frameUnited High-Speed Steam-Hydraulic Forging Press
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- cog>£_fv( CO CO e> CO cO cO D cd U Oh do o o CO bJO d bJO o oto — o d cd cd £o +-> d ^3 cd « V Oh > co 5^ ^^d 33 o S a5 cd Ih Instructions for Maintenance —of— Steam-Hydraulic Forging Presses FOUR COLUMN TYPE All parts of OPERATING MECHANISM mustbe oiled regularly with engine oil to ensure smooth andeasy operation without excessive wear. The OIL PUMP must be kept well supplied withCLEAN cylinder oil. The PRESS COLUMNS are best lubricated withHot-roll-neck grease. It is important that the water charged into the pre-filler tank be clean and free from grit, with the additionas often as necessary of a quantity of suitable HY-DRAULIC LUBRICANT, such as soluble oil, cuttingcompound or other soapy solution free from acid. Special attention must be paid to cleanliness andlubrication of the HYDRAULIC RAMS. Inattentionto this matter will result in rapid destruction of thepacking leathers. Care must be taken when removingor installing packings to avoid injuring the edges o





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