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Western states
Utagawa Hiroshige - Hara, Asa no Fuji
Map illustrating the general geological features of the country west of the Mississippi River: compiled from the surveys of W.H. Emory and from the Pacific Railroad surveys & other sources
View of Yenoshima
Map[s] showing progress made in the improvement of the Western [and] Eastern Division[s] of South Park, Chicago, Ill's. 1880 (The improved portion represented in colors)
A chart of the NORTH SEA nautical chart
The Iland of Babados ; Island of Bermuda. nautical chart
D6. Nsebin.
Chief of the Kachina dance at the Moki (cliff dwellers), village of Sichomovi, Arizona.
Essex County, Left Page Plate: [Township of South Orange]
Map of the United States of America
Sidney's map of twelve miles around New-York : with the names of property holders, &c., from entirely new & original surveys
Taunton's pocket edition of the merchant's and shipper's guide map to the port of New York
Part of the village of South Orange. Double Page Plate No. 21 [Map bounded by Charlton Ave., Berkeley Ave., Stirling Ave., Finlay Pl., Holland Ave., Irvington Ave., Riggs Pl., Grove Rd.]
Summit, Double Page Plate [Map of school district map of the city of Summit, N.J. Union County, Ward and District map of the city of Summit, N.J. Union County, Key map of atlas of the city of Summit, N.J. Union County]
Petersen's new map of the Bronx, showing all present and proposed trolley and rapid transit lines.
Panorama of the Borough of the Bronx issued by the Bronx Home News.
New and Correct map of the world, according to Mr. Wright....
Map of original grants and farms : Manhattan Island
A new & accurate plan of the city of New York in the state of New York in North America
New York city map.
New map of New York City : from the latest surveys showing all the ferries and steamship docks, elevated, cable, and cross town car lines / this map is presented with the compliments of the Broadway Central Hotel.
Topographical map of New York City : showing original water courses and made land / by Gen. Egbert L. Viele ; R. D. Servoss, Eng'r, N. Y.
Elevated railway map of New York, Brooklyn, and Jersey City
Sketch map of the city of New York & vicinity, showing the sites and approaches to the Parks.
Sphynx et la grande pyramide.
TheHeart of New York: Grand Central Terminal: Only Railway Station on the Subway, Elevated, and Surface Lines.
Map of Staten Island, Richmond County, State of New York.
Greater New York birdseye view especially drawn and painted for the New York Tribune.
Warm Springs, Bath County, Va.
The Three Brothers, Yosemite Valley, California.
West Point with its fortifications etc. in 1780.
Yosemite Valley from above, Cal. Sterescope Cards NYPL Collection.
Westchester, Double Page Plate No. 4 [Map of Towns of Yonkers, Mt. Vernon, Eastchester]
Map of The United States
Center Part of Watkins [Village]
View of Boston from Dorchester Heights in 1774 - View of the lines on Boston Neck, from an English print published in 1777
Marshall Pass, under Mt. Ouray. - Sterescope Card, Colorado
Double Page Plate No. 7, Part of Section 10, Borough of the Bronx: [Bounded by (St. Mary's Park) Trinity Avenue, E. 147th Street, Austin Place, E. 149th Street, Whitlock Avenue, E. 141st Street and St. Anns Avenue]
[Plate 24: Bounded by Emery Street, Sutton Street, Bridgewater Street, Hausman Street, Nassau Avenue, Eckford Street, Meserole Street, Oakland Street and (Newtown Creek) Paidge Avenue.]
Plate 7: [Bounded by Berrians Avenue, De Bevoise Avenue, Riker Avenue, Old Bowery Road, Cabinet Street, Flushing Avenue, Mills Street, Orchard Street, Remsen Street and Boulevard.]
Queens, Vol. 2, Double Page Plate No. 41; Part of Ward Two Newtown; [Map bounded by Trotting Course Lane, Remsen St. (North Hempstead Road), White Pot Road; Including Cooper Road, Middle Village Road (Juniper Swamp Road), Dry Harbor Road]; Sub Plan; [Map bounded by Dry Harbor Road Including Middleville Road]
Plate 8, Part of Wards 1 & 2: [Map bound by Forest Ave, Brighton Ave, Castleton Ave, Woodstock St, Richmond Turnpike, Eddy St, Howard Ave, Silver Lake Park, Clove PL, Bard PL, Bard Ave, Lowell Ave]
Plate 2 Part of Ward 1: [Map bound by Franklin Ave, Prospect Ave, "The Cedars", La Fayette Ave, Webster Ave, Castleton Ave, Brighton Ave, Forest Ave, Sailors Snug Harbor, Kill Van Kull]
Mill River valley after the flood.
[Fish Cave Rocks showing fishing party, Marquette Bay.]
Santa Fe, New Mexico. 19th century stereoscopic views of New Mexico.
Starrucca Viaduct, length 1200 feet, height 110 feet. "On the line of the Erie Railway."
Iron works at Danville, Pa. Catawissa Railroad Company. Pennsylvania.
Evolution of sickle and flail, 33 horse team harvester, cutting, threshing and sacking wheat, Walla Walla, Washington.
Last Remnants of the American Bison, Yellowstone National Park, U. S. A.
Old Faithful, from E. near view.
Madison Fall, 80 feet high. Wyoming stereoscope card, 19th century.
Jehovah Gap, American River, from the Central Pacific Railroad, Placer County.
Delta cooperative farm cabins and cotton. Hillhouse, Mississippi, after one year of operation.
Eagle almanac map of the borough of Brooklyn.
Sanitary and topographical map of the City and Island of New York ; prepared for the Council of Hygeine and Public Health of the Citizens Association under the direction of Egbert L. Viele, Topographical Engineer.
[Horse named] Woodford Mambrino. Kentucky. Stereoscope Card.
Cotton pickers, Pulaski County, Arkansas
Ruins of church, Jamestown, Va. New York Sterecope Card.
South dome [of Washington Columns] from Glacier Point.
Union picket line in front of the rebel Fort Mahone, called by the soldiers "Fort Damnation", Richmond VA.
Map of the United States of North America
Plan général d'Alexandrie avec ses embellissements récents, 1930; Plan général de Ramleh.
Map of the City of New York north of 155th Street : showing the progress made in laying out streets, roads, public squares and places by the Commissioners of Central Park under chap. 565 of laws 1865 and of New Pier and Bulkhead Lines under chap. 695 of laws of 1867 / compiled and drawn by Edward S. Ewen
Watson's new map of New York and adjacent cities. Inset Map showing the Hudson river and adjacent country. [On lower border] view of the Weehawken property of the West Shore and Ontario Terminal Co.
Map shewing the old high water line along the shores of Brooklyn & New York together with the pier lines as established by law [cartographic material] / R. Graves, City Surveyor.
Atlas of Soviet administrative maps.