Punch (1841) (14596107998) - Public domain book illustration


Punch (1841) (14596107998) - Public domain book illustration



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Title: Punch
Year: 1841 (1840s)
Authors: Lemon, Mark, 1809-1870 Mayhew, Henry, 1812-1887 Taylor, Tom, 1817-1880 Brooks, Shirley, 1816-1874 Burnand, F. C. (Francis Cowley), 1836-1917 Seaman, Owen, 1861-1936
Subjects: English wit and humor English wit and humor, Pictorial
Publisher: (London) : (Punch Publications Ltd., etc.)
Contributing Library: Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection
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of the Spread Eagle, but, when he is sentout, those to whom he is accredited would rather perhaps be disposedto welcome him as Lord High Potboy, particularly if he came convey-ing an acceptable plenty of pots from Potsdam. He might be accom-panied by the Lord High Post-boy, leaving the Lord High Waiter athome to preside over the Lords in Waiting, whilst the Lord HighOstler directed the affairs of the stalls, and the.blacking department wasadministered by the Lord High Boots. Employment suitable for suchHigh Lords as these might be found at the new grand English joint-stock hotels whose landlords are among the chiefs of the landedaristocracy. A Pilgrim in Progress. The significant intimation following appears in the Morning Post:— Dr. Posey.—The French clerical journals announce that Dr. Pusey, on leavingBordeaux, proceeded to Orleans on a visit to Bishop Dupanlocp. It is expected that Dr. Pusey will proceed from Orleans to Rome. PUNCH, OR THE LONDON CHARIVARI.—February 3, 1866.
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THE NEW WORKHOUSE PORTER. Master Prig. BLEST IP iTHEY HASNT PUT , ON A ■ BOBBY! PRETTY STATE WE RE COMIN TO, WITH THEIR CENTRALISATION! LETS CUT TO LAMBETH. February 3, 1866.) PUNCH, OR THE LONDON CHARIVARI. 49 jwnc&s CaM*-ML 357.The New York Herald says that England is completely prepared tobecome Republican, but that the undoubted personal popularity of theQueen will probably sustain the effete monarchy until the time arrivesfor transmission of the Crown. But as for an Edward the Seventh,that is out of the question. Are there twenty republicans in England,deducting Bedlam ? 358.I wonder the Irish have not made it a grievance, and a bit of Britishtyranny, that only five miles and a half of theirs make seven miles ofWhy dont they form an Anti-Saxon Mile League P ours. 359. Some people are always in extremes. We have long been used tothe absence of even Propriety in the rulers of Spain—now it is soughtto make the ruler Prim. 360. If the story is not a legend, like the Maelstrom





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